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2011: A year in review

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In 2011, we launched our strategy to reshape retail at Ahold. Watch a video of Dick Boer, Chief Executive Officer, on highlights of the year. Scroll right for an overview of our strategy, brands, financial performance, and key events. Or scroll down to go into each pillar of our strategy in more detail.

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By building
customer loyalty…

We want our businesses to be our customers' favorite place to shop, and to have them recommend us to their family and friends. Find out how we are communicating more personally with our customers and building customer loyalty.

our offering…

We are broadening our offering by growing our online business, developing different formats and expanding our assortment. Watch a video about our online strategy. See how we are developing our compact hypermarket format in the Czech Republic and building own brands in the United States.

Expanding our
geographic reach…

We are actively looking for growth opportunities in existing, adjacent, and new markets. Find out how Albert Heijn is expanding in Belgium, and take a look at the acquisitions Ahold USA made during 2011.

And through

Building a culture of simplicity is helping us lower costs, reduce risks, and move faster. We have already met our three-year €300 million cost-saving target, and launched a new €350 million three-year cost-saving program. This helps us create more value for customers and stay ahead of the competition.


We care about the future of all our stakeholders, and want to be the responsible retailer wherever we operate. Watch how we are educating children about a healthy diet and lifestyle. Take a look at the ways we are making our own-brand products more sustainable. And see how we are making our stores more climate-friendly.

And people

Our business is all about people, so we are continually investing in our employees to ensure they are reaching their full potential. Watch a video about our focus on diversity. And find out how employees at Etos in the Netherlands got behind their brand.