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2011: A year in review

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Bhavdeep Singh - Creating a culture of diversity



Bhavdeep Singh
Ahold USA EVP Operations

When it comes to attracting people, I think that Ahold has a tremendous value proposition because we have the opportunity for individuals to learn, grow and contribute to the organization.

Our initiatives are on: how do you create a culture that's inclusive and welcomes and accepts diversity from all perspectives: diversity of thought, diversity when it comes to ethnicity, diversity of age, diversity demographics, whatever it might be?

So we are building a culture around inclusion; we are building a culture where people from all walks of life can contribute to the organization. They are welcome; they have the opportunity to grow. They have to opportunity to do more – take on more responsibility and grow with the company as well.

But we have started an exchange program, where we are taking senior leaders from here. So Mark McGowan who is the head of New England Stop & Shop business here, is going to Holland. And Cees, who is the General Manager of the Albert Heijn business, has come here this week.

So the synergy that's going to come out of that, and the best practices and learnings that'll come out of that...