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2011: A year in review

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Educating children in healthy living



We care about the wellbeing of our customers. Last year, we continued to hold events across our stores in the United States and Europe, educating thousands of children about healthy diets and lifestyles.

In the Netherlands, Albert Heijn continued its children's healthy eating program both in schools and in stores.


Last year our "Ik eet het beter" (I eat better) program educated over 305,000 children about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Educational initiatives in the classroom, including class lunches, healthy break-time snacks, and opportunities to try new flavors, all proved popular with children and teachers alike. Stores also became fun-filled kitchens for a day, teaching children to make healthy sandwiches.


All our companies offer healthy eating programs for children.

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Across the United States, each of our divisions worked with children from their local communities on healthy eating, good hygiene, and looking after the environment through the Kid Healthy Ideas program.

And this year for the first time customers of all four divisions earned triple points for every healthy Ideas product purchased – as part of the A+ School Rewards program – encouraging parents to buy healthy food for their children and raising money for their schools.


Kid Healthy Ideas and the A+ School Rewards program are now available in all four Ahold USA divisions.

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In 2011, the top earning school received more than $31,000.


In 2011, $4.5 million was donated to local schools by Ahold USA's four divisions.

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All of Ahold USA's divisions have held Childhood Obesity Summits to help find ways to tackle this pressing issue. Our Healthy Ideas magazine is available for free across all divisions to inspire people to eat more healthily.

We take healthy living seriously and care about our communities. That's why we want to connect with our customers and encourage a healthy diet and lifestyle.