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2011: A year in review

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James McCann - Giving customers convenient online options



James McCann
Chief Commercial and Development Officer

Hi, I'm James McCann, and I'm the Chief Commercial and Development Officer for Ahold.

Rapid advances in internet and smartphone technology mean that our customers' needs and expectations are changing fast. Shoppers have got more choice and more product information than ever before, putting them firmly in the driver's seat.


More choice
More information

[end caption]

To keep pace with these changes, we're using our international experience to build strong online businesses that support our local brands.


  • International experience
  • Strong online businesses
  • Support our local brands

[end caption]

This will ensure that our customers can shop with us how, when, and where they want.

Our goal is to triple our online business by 2016.

[graph shows this expansion]

In 2011, our U.S. online grocery service, Peapod, expanded into the Philadelphia area – for the first time serving customers in partnership with the Giant Carlisle brand.

[Peapod logo]

We continued developing smart, list building applications which allow customers to create and manage their shopping lists, and place orders from their smartphones or their tablets.


Smart, list building applications

[end caption]

At Stop & Shop in the U.S. we also introduced ScanIt!

[Stop & Shop logo, followed by ScanIt! Mobile logo]

This is the first mobile application that enables customers to use their smartphone to scan groceries, tally their order and checkout at the store.

We started to pilot pick-up points that give busy customers another option to make their shopping even easier.


Pick-up points

[end caption]

They can place an order on their computer or mobile device, choose a convenient pick-up time, and then collect their groceries without even needing to leave their cars.

We will continue to expand our online assortment, innovate and employ new technologies to help our customers enjoy a better and more convenient online experience, every day.