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2011: A year in review

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Lodewijk Hijmans - Our commitment to responsible retailing



Lodewijk Hijmans van den Bergh
Chief Corporate Governance Counsel

Hello, I'm Lodewijk Hijmans van den Bergh, Chief Corporate Governance Counsel for Ahold.

I want to talk about our commitment to responsible retailing. We play a daily role in the lives of millions of people, so acting responsibly is essential to us.

We focus on the issues that are closely related to our business, and where we can make a real difference. That means playing a responsible role when it comes to our customers' wellbeing, the sourcing of the products we sell, our impact on the environment, the communities we serve and the people we employ.


Responsible role

  • Customer wellbeing
  • Product sourcing
  • Environmental impact
  • Communities
  • Employees

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As part of our corporate responsibility strategy we have set clear, ambitious targets in our priority areas, and as we achieve them we are setting new ones.

[caption: priority areas plus logos]

  • Healthy living
  • Sustainable trade
  • Climate action
  • Community engagement
  • Our people

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For example, this year we have developed a global waste strategy including five additional targets. We will continue to embed responsible retailing in our businesses, and to engage the 218,000 employees who bring our strategy to life, every day.


218,000 employees

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We care about the future of all our stakeholders, that's why we are striving to improve the wellbeing of our customers, employees and communities, by making healthier and sustainable choices easier.

We want to be the responsible retailer wherever we operate.


Responsible retailer

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